About Us

We are a jewelry manufacturing factory established in 2005 in Shenzhen, China. Our company specializes in producing gold-plated jewelry inspired by the designs of world-renowned jewelry brands such as Cartier, VCA, Tiffany, BVL, and more. With a highly skilled workforce, modern equipment, advanced gold plating technology, our products have consistently received high praise from customers for their long-lasting color, intricate details, and reasonable prices. Our factory is recognized as one of the top-rated enterprises in the gold-plated jewelry industry in China. In 2020, we launched the website buyonbest.com, where customers from around the world can easily shop for their favorite bracelets.

Spending over $7000 on a bracelet is a challenging task for the majority of customers. We believe that everyone has the right to own their favorite jewelry more easily. We are committed to ensuring that our jewelry pieces have minimal differences in appearance compared to authentic high-end brands. We offer secure and convenient payment methods, a dedicated customer care team, and fast and safe shipping to provide customers with the best shopping experience possible.

Here are some images of our factory:

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